September 5, 2018

If you are wondering who “Walnut Hollow” is, let’s just start with them being a family owned, American business since 1972. Not only do I love their story, but I love their products. I have had tons of people ask where they could begin wood burning, and it can start with this company. If you […]

August 14, 2018

When we first moved into our home, our walls were pretty bare. In fact, the entire house was pretty bare because we moved from a tiny apartment into a 2 story home. It looked like a college dorm of sorts, but eventually, we started adding art pieces and photos to the walls. I learned a […]

August 11, 2018

Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores I looked at others who wood burned and figured out two things. Watercolors seem washed out and colored pencil lacks a professional look. If you are looking to take your wood burning to the next level, you might want to listen up. After 4 years of wood […]

August 9, 2018

When I first began this journey of wood burning, I continually had customers coming to me for an anniversary gift. Not just an anniversary gift, but the 5th anniversary. I had NO IDEA that wooden gifts were even a thing for the 5th anniversary. Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores I started researching […]

August 7, 2018

Wood Burning Workspace- Amanda Stores Art   If you underprice your art, you undersell its value. When I started off wood burning, I realized that I had no other artists that were making pieces as big as I was. They were not making them with the materials I was using. I learned how to use […]

August 5, 2018

Wood burned wedding bouquet art- by Amanda Stores “I don’t see any pencil marks… did you do that freehand?” Every time you see a bouquet, it was freehand, with a wood burner. Let me break that down (because it is quite scary). Taking a piece of wood, I break out my wood burner and burn […]

July 30, 2018

Wood burning has quite a few unique qualities that make it stand out from all other art forms. THE SMELL. I asked an entire group of wood burners and the first response was the smell. I have said this over and over, but the smell reminds me of a campfire. It doesn’t smell like smoke […]

June 15, 2018

This “Abloom Collection” series features 15 pieces of wood burned and painted art.

June 6, 2018

The first time I ever picked up a wood burner, it was the cheapest one I could find. My project? Burning names onto the cardholders of retired ladies who played poker. Ha! It was in my own handwriting, and I didn’t know anything about safety and burning. All I knew was that I could possibly burn my hand.

June 3, 2018

After 4 years of wood burning and over 100 + projects completed for people, I realized a few things…