Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course 2023

Bonnie Christine Immersion 2023

Before Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course

After taking Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course, I definitely have some final thoughts that I think you should consider.

Before I took Bonnie Christine’s course, I was making artwork all the time. All I knew is that I loved creating art, but I also realized that my hands could only work so fast. My time is limited and I have a family that needs me. I took Bonnie Christine’s immersion course a few years ago, and I’m here to tell you my final thoughts of whether or not it was worth it in the first place and how that was a foundation for where I am in my business today.

I needed a different way of creating. Create well from the beginning so you can replicate it over and over again. You can read about the first day of Immersion here.

The Investment of Immersion

My husband thought that it was a crazy amount of an investment for a course that I may or may not use in the future. I decided to take the leap and I took Bonnie Christine’s immersion course. I realized it was not your typical course. It was something that you really had to put time into in order to have the right result from it.

Bonnie Christine is walking alongside you within the immersion course the entire time, there is a huge chance that you would benefit and learn from her knowledge if you were to hop on the call and actually treat it as if it were a college level.

No Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

Just to let you know, I had absolutely no Adobe Illustrator knowledge before taking the course. I knew that I was going to be learning a lot. I just didn’t know how much I would learn.

There was a definite before and after emergent moment for me. You can go back and look at the same patterns that I created before her course and see how much they were improved by the time I finished her course.

Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course Impact

I made my artwork come to life by putting it on fabric and then having someone create a dress for my daughter. So now my daughter has this family heirloom that she can pass down to her daughter because I created every pattern on that dress.

Creating a Brand and Logo after Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course

Bonnie Christine was teaching me all the different ways to use Adobe Illustrator. I did not realize that she was also teaching me how to create a brand logo for myself. So now her course wasn’t just about creating patterns. It also became about making a brand for myself. Learning a program I didn’t know and creating a brand that I didn’t have from her course. I’d go ahead and skip the line in trying to hire a designer to create my brand and create my logo and put all those things on my website.

I learned how to do it on my own, so I ended up saving so much more than I would have if I would’ve hired someone to do it for me.

It’s not that you’re just creating patterns to put into the world. She is giving you the foundation of this platform so that you can jumpstart your understanding of Adobe Illustrator. You can also branch that into your business in multiple aspects without even focusing on patterns.

Is it Worth it?

Let’s talk about the cost. I have to tell you that the cost was definitely something that made me take a step back and consider if it was worth it. So I started researching if I could basically hire someone to do my brand.

If you were going to hire someone to create a logo, and use Adobe Illustrator, you’re looking at over the amount of cost of what Bonnie Christine’s course is. Not only that, but you can to take something that you are making on paper, and replicate it so it could be used over and over again in the future.

It was a practical skill that many courses will not give. Are you are looking for an investment and you are an artist? Maybe you are learning design, maybe you’re just really trying to contemplate if it’s worth it, it’s up to you. This course is very narrowed down to patterns. It also teaches you all the tools that you need in order to understand Adobe Illustrator as a whole.

Bonnie Christine’s Involvement in Immersion

What I loved about Bonnie Christine is that she walked alongside you. So any point as you’re taking the Immersion course, and you have a question about one button that you just didn’t know what it did, or you had a question about licensing, she was an open book for anyone taking this course.

Why Not to Take Immersion

If you are not intending on using Adobe Illustrator for any reason in your business, then I would not take this course. Do you already have a background in being an artist?Then you could replicate it over and over again, then you’d get time back with your family.

My BONUS for signing up for Immersion

If you’re thinking about taking the Immersion course, I would love for you to use my link below. By using that link and signing up through that link for the Immersion course, I will send you my Surface Pattern Design Email Welcome Sequence. You’ll use your email service provider and send emails to your audience as they come to your list and be guided towards your offers.

Surface Pattern Design Email Welcome Sequence

Final Thoughts on taking Immersion

So if I could encourage you in any way be to be a good steward. Pray about where to invest your time and where to invest your money for your business. Have the discernment needed to know if this is a worthwhile investment for your business.

Feel free to comment below with any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer.

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