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The thing about it is that Flodesk full page forms can be used so much more beyond embedding them into your website. 

Even though you think a full page form or pop up form is the only way to grow and email list, you can't forget the tiny and mighty inline form. 

7 days of a challenge of building 7 emails from scratch, with the words swipe copy done for you. We will be using Flodesk to create the emails that convert for the holidays. 

5 reasons I           Flodesk



on brand

Emails that allow me to upload my logo and branding colors from the start and have those elements quickly accessible with every template available. There are a ton of handwritten and standard font families to align better with your branding. You can change template colors and blocks to match your exact brand colors for every email you send out. It makes creating emails actually enjoyable and ready to be opened. 


block settings

To customize any template, simply click the + button and there is a drop down of quite of few options. You can add an image, embed a Youtube video, add your Instagram feed, a button to a blog post or even an address to a particular place. Every email can be changed to exactly what you need it to be. Delete blocks you don't like in the template or add blocks as you'd like. 


the community

The place where voices are heard and everyone actively helps one another. The "Flodesk Insiders" group is where everyone within this platform asks questions, give suggestions, and constantly tries to cheer each other on with every subscriber added to someone's list of email supporters. If a new feature is added, this group is there to stand behind Flodesk in excitement.


more subscribers? same price.

After trying out a few different email service providers, I realized what kept making me look for another. That was the fact that more subscribers meant higher pricing. It was like I was being punished for growing an email list of supporters. No thank you. Flodesk has set for life subscription based pricing. That means that the price per month will not increase no matter how many people are joined to your email list. Flodesk supports you at every stage of your business. 


the founders

In a recent interview with Martha Bitar, she said that she is hopping on Zoom calls with the members of Flodesk at least 5 to 12 times a day. When they were dropping new features, they reached out to see if I could hop on a call with her and Rebecca. They showed me the new features, asked my opinion and then asked a question that no other company has asked me before. "What can we do for you?"

That told me that they truly cared about their members. They listen to the community, make adjustments and constantly try to make Flodesk a place where you have a voice. No one person is placed above or below the rest, and social media following isn't a factor. They believe in treating each member as equals. 




All the emails you have created with soon to be folders for organizing all of that content in one place. Use the search bar to find past emails, or create a new emails from scratch or as a template. 



brand preferences

All your branding colors set up from the start. Every template can be changed to highlight your branding with your own photos, your colors, your logo, and font families to make your customer's experience unified with your branding preferences.



affiliate program

Not only are you serving others by giving them half off of their subscription, but Flodesk serves you by giving you $19 for every affiliate that joins Flodesk. That is an amazing way to bring others into their platform while also appreciating the ones they have. 




Create easy workflows that are sent automatically to new subscribers once they sign up for your email list. You create the trigger, copy emails into the workflows, set time delays, set conditions, and welcome people into your space in their inbox. 




Flodesk has templates created by designers that know how to capture the attention of the person opening up an email. They have a ton of different shapes and animated elements. There are templates being added all the time, and then organized by categories to help choose in an a more efficient manner. 




There are 3 types of forms within Flodesk. One being a "full page form", one bring a pop up form and the last being an inline form. They aren't overly complicated and are simple to set up. All three are usual, but I find the "full page form" the most versatile considering it has it's own unique URL and can be used as a website by itself.




An "audience" within Flodesk can be in references to all of your subscribers by name or how the subscribers are organized into segments. Segments are sections of your audience that come to you for different reasons. You organize the audience by segments, and then you assign each form to a segment. Then you can change yours words to speak differently to each segment. 



double opt in

Once you send an email to subscribers, this feature allows someone to click and make sure they want to be a part of your list. If you take that step, there is a better chance of your emails being opened in general. The down side is, you might end up staying in their email and that box never being clicked to receive more emails from you. 



resend to unopens

If you want to increase your deliverability, this feature might just do the trick. Have an important announcement to make? Maybe there were a ton of people that missed it? You can resend that same email to unopens and simply change the email title. 



Flodesk university

A group of Flodesk educators that people within the Flodesk Insiders group chose. The founders opened up the doors and asked the group who they wanted to learn from. I'm thankful to say I am one of their educators! That means 10-15 people made video trainings for Flodesk that had the vibe of talking to a friend. 




Though this hasn't dropped yet, folders are about to introduced into the platform so that all the emails created can be sectioned off by workflow, type or name. This will make it so much easier to find the exact email you are looking for in creating workflows. 




Create conditions based on what segment a subscriber is in, if they clicked on a specific link in an email, if they opened a particular email, and if they match a particular field (ex. first name). That helps us creative professionals, so that we can give out relevant content based on subscriber behavior. 




Flodesk plays nice with Zapier, which means a world of opportunities are opened up. You can now add someone who signs up from a Honeybook contact form on your website, right to a particular segment. Have an Interact quiz on your website? Zapier can allow you to add the quiz taker to a certain segment of your list. 




Filter through your subscribers. You can see who unsubscribed, if any emails bounced, or who hasn't interacted with your emails in 30 days or more. By filtering, you can see who you need to reengage with or who needs to be deleted so that it increases your deliverability rate. 




Do you have multiple services being offered within your business? The segments allow of you to organized the subscribers coming onto your list. You can then decide what information is relevant to them and use your copywriting skills to speak into your role as your ideal client. 



block settings

Just as with an drag and drop website, the emails work the same way. You simply click the "+" symbol and you have a ton of options for the next block. Image? Check. Layouts? Check. Address? Check. Youtube video? Check. Link bar? Check. Social media feed, footer, divider, space bar? Check, check, check.  It's completely customizable.



help center

If you need help outside of the Facebook community, there is an article help center that guides you in getting set up with Flodesk. They have a ton of visuals, a few videos, and uses for every feature of Flodesk.




Each email can be personalized to the first name of your subscriber. Though emails get opened and read because the email subscriber feels like you are talking only to them (and of course you wish you could with each and every one).




When you look at other email service providers and their rates, you'll quickly discover that they increase whenever your email list increases. Flodesk pricing remains the same at $38 a month unless you snag a 50% off code for the entire length of your subscription.



we are the center

It sounds crazy, but we are the center of why Flodesk exists. The founders knew that a brand and company cannot be built around themselves, but the people using the platform. That is why they are constantly asking for input on the features we would like to see happen. 


Flodesk Changed my Business

5,000+ subscribers added

people noticing my branding in my email

higher open rates

My email list of supporters continues to grow and grow with each passing week. I have put a lot of hard work in behind the scenes with my freebies, but Flodesk has simplified communication with those who support me best... my list. 

" I love your logo!"  One of my new subscribers said as they opened their first email from me. A very first impression from someone who didn't know who I was nor hadn't clicked on my website before then. 

Before Flodesk, I had tried 2 or 3 different email service providers. I truly believe the open rates are higher because they enjoy opening up a present of an email that is actually a breath of fresh air from the plain text of everything else in their inbox.

let's do this