Email Marketing for 2023

Email marketing can double or triple your sales for 2023. If your social media following was white clean like tonight, what would you have for a backup plan tomorrow? Would you have a way to contact your audience directly? We rely so heavily on our social media following that, we fail to realize that we don’t own it. We don’t own our followers, but we do own an email list. This is the key to all the sales that people make in their businesses year after year.

Why Email Marketing Matters

For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is a $36 return of investment. This even applies for email marketing in 2023. That is mind blowing to me. Do me a favor and take out your phone right now and tell me how many emails you got today.

I usually get around 15 emails a day, right? If I went on social media and you’d see that I am following around 500 to a thousand people on Instagram. That’s the same for your email subscribers. Would you rather compete with 14 other emails in your inbox from other businesses? Or over a thousand people in an algorithm on social media?

You have a direct line of communication that you may not be utilizing. People think emails are old school, like they’re going outta. Emails are the secret weapon. You are directly communicating with those people that are going to be your biggest fans of your business. Recently, there was an influencer on Instagram.

Email Marketing as New Business Owner

A well known influencer on Instagram said something recently. “If I could go back and change anything in my business, it would be to grow my email list from the beginning.”

58% of all email users check their emails as soon as they wake up in the morning. Imagine if they were checking your email. Would you rather have a really high email list or having a huge follow count, which would you choose? A follow count does not equate to sales. An email list can equate to sales in your business, and growing your revenue.

It’s really easy for someone to go into social media and just click “follow”. Then a minute later click “unfollow”. It’s not any type of commitment in any way, shape or form. It’s just a game of sorts. But with email marketing, people have to do two things that are super important. They have to give you their name and their email address

Why Email Marketing is More than Newsletters

When it comes to email marketing for 2023, are you in that boat of just doing newsletters? Or do you have funnels in place? Email funnels should gradually bring people into your world and show them your offers.

Most people have this wrong. They assume that newsletters are the only source of the email marketing they can do in their business. Maybe they are emailing their list once a month, maybe every two weeks. They’re expecting all these sales to come in from those emails.

The thing about newsletters though is newsletters have so many calls to action. So many buttons, and so much information. You feel like you have to slam pack that email with all the events coming up in your business. Then, your audience has indecision. They don’t know what decision to make from all the choices you’ve given them in your newsletter. If you set up emails and funnel them into your offers, you are building trust with them.

How to Get Start with Email Marketing

So what do I mean by email marketing for 2023, anyway? How do you start with something like that? Most people choose an email service provider that can be Flodesk or ConvertKit, or Active Campaign or Mailerlite.

These platforms will send emails out on your behalf as soon as someone signs up for your email list. Think of emails in these platforms as the marketer that is marketing your business for you. That way, you’re not having to exhaust yourself making reels on social everyday.

What is an Email Automation

First, someone signs up on your form and they put in their name and email address. Secondly, you will set up an automation. An automation is an email sequence that is sent to deliver your freebie (in exchange for their email address). Once that email is sent, you can set up delays between each email.

These emails kind of compile on each other. They build trust within your business. These emails are communicating your message, your voice. They are also telling your subscribers who you are, who you serve, and what you can do for them. These emails can direct them to your different platforms.

What to Put in Your First Emails

You can create this email and talk about an Instagram post that really blew up. Then you can link to that Instagram post and they’ll most likely follow you (because you link to that post). That also applies if you’re on TikTok or Pinterest. You can be sending them to all your platforms. You’ll be growing your subscriber list and your email list all at the same time.

Email Subscriber Journey through your Welcome Sequence

So once they get on your list, you are dating them. I know this sounds really. But you’re going on first date and second date, third date with each email that you’re sending. Email, one first date, email, two second date, email, three third date. You’re trying to let them get to know you. They will be wanting to stick around for the long run.

Start by setting up at least six to eight emails of just giving value. Build trust with your subscribers by taking the time to create this series of emails.

So for six to eight emails, you are just sending them value. Maybe you’re sending them to a link. You’re not asking for a sale necessarily (unless it’s a really low dollar sale, like under $27). Establish trust, then guide them towards your offers.

Maybe we’ve already gone to the dating stage. You have more to the engagement with your emails. Once you get to the marriage stage, then they’re in for the long haul. You’re going to be guiding them into a sales sequence. That’s going to be where you grow that passive income for your business.

Email Marketing to Passive Income

Your emails will guide them towards your offers on autopilot. People let emails intimidate them. They think that they don’t have time to write emails or they only have a few people on their list. Those few people will multiply the more value that you’re offering. The more that you’re using your social media marketing, the more you can guide them towards your email list. If you are wondering what mistakes to avoid when starting out with email marketing, check out this blog post.

If you are letting the thought of writing emails from scratch intimidate you, just remember one thing. Once you create them, you’re just going to be tweaking them along the way. It’s not like on social media where you do a post, it doesn’t do well. You try something different the next day. With email marketing, you can simply create the funnel and create the emails. After you create the emails, you’ll to go through them and check your analytics. You can see where people unsubscribed or where they clicked. Also, you can see what email did really well, and you can tweak those specific emails.

Once you have this perfected, you’ll only slightly change emails (unless your offer changes). If your offer changes, then you’re going to be sending a different set of emails. The emails will need to change to warm them up towards that different offer. Once they opt in, those automations are going to continually do the work for you.

That means no more exhausting launches, and if you do a launch, you’re going to be successful at it. You have all of these raving fans through all of these emails and they’re going to be ready to buy. Your email marketing strategy for 2023 have essentially done the marketing for you.

Results of Setting Up Email Automations

So what can you expect if you take the time to set up all these email sequence? Waking up in the morning, checking your own inbox. You’ll see sales come in that you didn’t have to beg them for. You didn’t have to be exhausted through weeks upon weeks of preparing for a launch. So it’ll be trickling in all these sales, doing the marketing for you (if you set them up well).

So get ready for all the vacations, all those places you’ve wanted to go for all this time, and get ready for your business to actually be successful. Email marketing for 2023 is the secret that nobody really talks about. It is one of the most powerful and underutilized parts of any small business. So I challenge you to build the trust, create your first email sequence and let me know in the comments if this was helpful for you.

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