Day 1 in Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course

Let’s be honest here. You make time for what matters.

No matter how much I wanted to start the Immersion for Surface Design course as soon as it dropped into my email from Bonnie Christine, I simply couldn’t. Many people would say that stay at home mamas have plenty of time to do whatever they please. Trust me, I used to say that before being a staying at home mom too. Then, I actually started staying home with my first little one and now my second. Time is valuable with our babies, but it is also important to keep yourself grounded. How do I do that? I choose to take my spare moments and invest them into Jesus Christ and my artwork.

Bonnie Christine one thing a day`

Bonnie Christine’s phrases to get me to start

First of all, Bonnie Christine always says is to do “one thing a day.” Well, the way I do this is by laying everything out ahead of time. Coffee is ready for me to push the button in the morning. My art supplies are out in a place I pass by frequently on a daily basis (my dining room table). Computer is charged and visible. Sketch pads are opened to a blank page with a pencil nearby.

Secondly, she says “there is room for you.” Hearing this phrase makes me want to do one thing everyday. It doesn’t matter how saturated the surface design market is. There is room for me, even as a stay at home mama. Therefore, I was determined to set apart time that day for the course.

Back to my first day in the Immersion Surface Pattern Design Course. I prepared for the course simply by getting ready in the ways I just named, and made a mental block of time where I knew I could start the course that day. Both my toddler and my baby nap at the same time, so I scheduled my course for that time. It wasn’t ideal, but I made it happen. My baby loves to sleep in my arms, therefore, I completed the first 8 lessons with my baby in my lap.

Day 1 thoughts on the Immersion Surface Design Course

   1. It is helpful to write while Bonnie speaks

I don’t know about you, but it has been a few years since my last class as an adult, but I like doing things the old school way with pencil and paper. As I listened, I wrote down steps Bonnie Christine said for each tool in Adobe Illustrator. This was extremely helpful when I implemented her lessons in the program.

  2. She literally started by opening Adobe Illustrator

It might sound dumb to someone who is familiar with such a program. From my perspective, starting at the very beginning was a relief. She showed us exactly how to set up the workspace, and how to toggle various computer commands on and off. This is going to help with the work flow for Adobe Illustrator proficiency throughout the course.

3. Some of the first lessons overlap with lessons taught in Skillshare.

Obviously, she is teaching some of the same tools that she taught in Skillshare. There are only so many ways to teach those tools. The main difference was that she laid out a list of ways to use the tools for practice within Adobe Illustrator. I appreciated the worksheet to work with.

4. The Immersion course is well laid out.

As a previous elementary teacher, I appreciate organization. She sent out a calendar of events of what to expect for the next 6 weeks. It included exact times and what the modules would be covering.

I am moving on to my second day of completing the course, but maybe you want to see my concerns going into the course. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you my honest feedback and trump those concerns along the way!

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