The One Secret to Lead Magnet a Freebie They Will Want


Are you ready to boost your email list with a tribe of people supporting you in your business? Let’s get you started with weekly freebie tips leading to a potential course of how to market a freebie.

There is one secret no one tells you when creating a lead magnet they will want.

The thing about it is that we are all in the same boat, wanting to build and email list of supporters. We have listened to all the podcasts and have taken all the notes on how opt ins are the way to go in the business world. Create a lead magnet and then BAM! You have an entire list of people supporting you in your business.

I’m here to say that if you are waiting for an email list to boom with a small offer, it might not happen.

Do you know why their email lists are booming? They already have influence.

These people have worked their tails off for years, and now have an email list. For people like you and I, it will take quite a bit more to get people to want to be on our list. You see, we are not known influencers, so our freebie has to be more valuable than what everyone else is offering. Let me explain. If you already have a following, you have an audience in which to offer the freebie. If you don’t have a huge following, you have to stand out from the rest.

How do you stand out from everyone else whenever you are in such a saturated market? Serve others over selling. If you are in a serving mindset, you are automatically standing out from the rest. You are leading with your heart and choosing to give to others. The way you give to others in your business is simply by making a valuable freebie. I’m not talking about a freebie you made in 30 minutes. I am talking about a lead magnet that is jaw dropping. An opt that people cannot believe you are giving away.

Let’s go through two scenarios I see so many try within their businesses.

First, let’s talk about two different business owners and their mindset of making a freebie. There is a business owner that has a little following and a tiny (but mighty) audience. They see all the greatest names out there posting about their freebies. They download the freebies to see what they are all about, and realize they are about three pages long with the meat of a freebie on one page. This business owner decides to copy the same mindset of a freebie. They make a 3 page freebie and embed the opt in within their website. A pop up comes up to say “Do you want the inside scoop on my morning routine? Sign up below.”

The second business owner also sees the greatest names out there, downloads the freebies from their influencers, and realizes it’s three pages. Instead of copying this type of lead magnet, they make a substantial lead magnet that deserves to be sold. 50 pages long of a resource. They also embed it into their website. Their pop up form says, “50 page freebie on how I stay productive in the morning.”

Which pop up sounds more intriguing? If I had to make it guess, it would probably be the one with the large page number attached to it.

The number of pages in your opt in is the key to more people on your email list.

I know you are probably thinking, “that is way too much work,” or ” why would I give that away for free?”

My answer to that is you make it really well, one time. Also, you’ll end up having people on your email list as your greatest supporters that might decide to buy from you eventually. It’s not about taking their email address to build up your list. It’s about serving them and trusting that if they are meant to stay, they will. Do you know how many snagged my 391 page Bible journal freebie and unsubscribed? 30% of the people who downloaded the freebie subscribed from my email list. It was not heartbreaking to me because I know the people who are meant to walk alongside me will stay there. If I blessed someone for just one day, then I served them well for that one day.

You have a valuable freebie, but still not list of people to support you.

Then it sounds like you have a good foundation, but need to know exactly how to get a freebie in front of the right people. The reality is, it takes a lot for hard work behind the scenes if you don’t have a following. After having so many people ask how I gained so many people as supporters for my weekly emails, I started making a course on how to market a freebie.

If you have put in the work and made a valuable freebie already and want to know next steps, join the waitlist for this course. Let’s find your “people.”


If you are someone who has a tiny but mighty audience and are looking to grow an email list from scratch, take my advice. Make a valuable freebie that should be sold. Serve over sell and watch how your list grows.



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