Landing Page Creation in Flodesk

When first hopping over into Flodesk, there is a huge chance that you might not be familiar with the term “Full page form.” Flodesk was simply trying to make thing easier by defining what the landing page really is, which is a full page opt in form.

Full page forms can be utilized in so many different ways, ways beyond embedding them into your website. We have settled far too long to think that is the only way. Before we dive in, leave a comment below if you are needing a little help in truly defining where to put a landing page beyond your website. If you need help trying to pin point who to make this this freebie for, make sure you grab my free guide HERE.

Landing Page Potential

One of the main parts that make a landing page (or full page form) unique is that it is a URL. That essentially means that everywhere you put your link to your website, you could also use the landing page link in all the same places. Think of all the times you could potentially replace your website link with a landing page link and the possibilities are endless.

Not only that, but full page forms can also be a placeholder for a website. Maybe you are new in your business and are trying to launch your website, but now quite ready yet. Put a link to your full page form as your “website” can begin building relationships with people even before it launches.

Full Page Form Elements

Flodesk does the heavy lifting for you in that it creates the opt in form fields. That is main part you need in order to build an email list of supporters, but there are some other elements we need to talk about.

First of all, you need to have an on brand image for your landing page. That can be an actual picture of you, a process picture or maybe a sneak peek of what they will be getting as a freebie. Make sure the image is eye catching and professional. I like to use Canva to make these thumbnail images.

Another element is the title. It needs to also be captivating and intriguing. Make them curious enough to put in their name and email just by using words. You almost want to make it sound like a secret or an exclusive club of some kind. If you need a little help in making a valuable lead magnet, I have a free guide for it HERE. If you are thinking, “Why do I need a valuable lead magnet in the first place?”, I wrote about that too.

Take a minute to write one or two short sentences describing exactly what they would get if they gave their name and email. Name drop specific amount of pages, content or value.

Don’t forget to customize your form in Flodesk to look like your brand colors and font family. On account of them hopping off of your website for a quick second to your form, you need it to be a seamless transition. The branding on your website should also match the branding elements you created within Flodesk.


If you want to see a landing page in action, make sure you check out the video to see exactly how I create a full page form in Flodesk and then insert it into my Showit website.

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