Valuable Freebie Aftermath

God Called me to Give Away a Valuable Freebie

It comes down to truly giving away a valuable freebie.When I prayed and asked the Lord to give me guidance on how to honor Him with my art and business, I never anticipated Him wanting me to give my 391 page Bible journal away. All that I knew is that He called me to give it away. The first time I made it available, there were over 1,000 people that downloaded it in the first week. Whenever people started sharing about it with friend and their audiences, most people commented that it should have been sold. Some even asked, “What’s the catch?” I was able to quickly reply that there wasn’t one.

What People Expect with a Valuable Freebie

In reality, people expect for something that is lengthy and took an obvious amount of work to be sold. They expect it to have a high price tag on it. Have you heard of the phrase, “Nothing is free?” That is true in most cases, but that is when you have the opportunity to shock them. I truly believe that the world expects for things to have a cost (and most things do), but that doesn’t have to be true. You can give a freebie out of the overabundance of your heart simply because you want to serve others.

People Want to Tell Others

Overnight, I had people sharing about my Bible journal on my behalf. They started sharing the Bible journal with their friends, family, and in the their Instagram stories. Sometimes it comes down to simply sharing the post I create on my page or sometimes it is a full on description and screen shot. The times when people really pay attention is when someone uses their own words and face to share about the journal. Message after message may come, requesting the journal. People may start sharing and it centers around the fact that it is a lengthy and valuable freebie. To me, it isn’t about the fact it is lengthy, it is about the fact that God is moving through it.

Some of the ways people responded:

” Thank you so much, friend! I loved reading your heart behind the journaling guide and just hearing about how much the Word changed you. How cool! I am so confident that the Lord is using what you’ve created and prayed over to serve so many people in their study of God’s Word! I’m praising God for His working through your obedience!”

“Let me start off by saying that your blog about the journal and the time and effort you have put into it to help other deserves to have a price tag on it (the currency we as humans know), however what you have sowed you shall reap/ You are reaping so much more than a worldly possession or payment. You are a vessel of God. He is using you to spread the gospel to so many women out there that are feeling or going through something. They feel as if they have no faith and that their hope is lost. I thank our Savior Jesus Christ for what you are doing and I pray His blessings will always be over you and your family.”


They Started Sharing Their Stories with Me

It wasn’t simply a “link in bio” kind of resource. You know, the impersonal phrase people say when they want another number on their email list? The 391 page Bible journal was something no one expected, but they said it just “came at the right time.”

Some stories they shared:

“So excited to start my journey with the journal as a companion. Thank you so much for making this available for free. I’ve seen so many that cost and since I’ve been struggling lately, this was a huge blessing.”

“I have had embarked on a journey with Him and for the first time in my almost 40 years I truly feel loved by God. I am no longer anyone’s opinion of me, but who He says I am. Thank you for sharing your heart, story and precious gift with all to glorify the King. God will bless you.”

“This is seriously and answered prayer! I am telling my husband that I want to read more of my Bible consistently, but don’t know how much to read at a time and didn’t know a plan to stick to. So thank you, more than words can say! I am thankful for this ironic gift that you’re so willingly sharing with the world!”



There isn’t a way of knowing how anyone will respond from all the work you poured in a freebie. Sometimes you have to rest in in knowing you give away parts of your business out of the outflow of your heart than a desire for more money. A freebie that you give away because of your desire to serve, accounts for more than what money can buy. Take a minute a truly reflect on whether or not your freebie is one that is valuable. If you’d like to be on the waitlist for the details of how I go the freebie in front of the right eyes, you can register here.



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