Surface Pattern Design Course by Bonnie Christine

I have a dream of creating patterns and seeing them on products, but I didn’t know where to start.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane just for a minute. 5 years ago, I began creating wood burned art pieces on wooden canvases. There was all the time in the world to simply sit down and make piece after piece, for person after person. It was a hobby that grew until I had my little ones. Then, my perspective changed on what art could look like as a surface pattern designer.

All of a sudden, my priorities shifted.From focusing on the intricate lines of a wood burning to being all could be for my babies. Wood burning is now something I enjoy in my own time, but I cannot take on the numerous custom pyrography pieces I used to always say “yes” to. Also, I noticed a change build up within me realizing that my time cannot always be on the timetables of others. Time is precious these days, and doing custom pieces can wear you down after a while. There’s a rush to get products wood burned and shipped, versus truly enjoying the process.

Trust me. Wood burning is a process worth enjoying.

Bonnie Christine Surface Pattern Design

¬†Learning about Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course for Surface Pattern Designers

In order to never lose a passion for something I love doing, I needed to diversify what my art could look like. After listening to Emily Jeffords “Do it for the Process” Podcast, I heard her talk about motherhood and the different options for putting art into the world. That’s when I first heard Bonnie Christine’s name come up. I researched and researched her and her story.

She had a very similar story. Whereas she was selling tea towels and aprons on Etsy, I was wood burning. Either way, we were both creating physical products and getting burned out on something we liked to do. I joined Flourish at the beginning of 2019, regretting that I the Immersion for Surface Pattern Designers was closed. Skillshare had a few classes by Bonnie that gave me a taste for surface pattern design. In fact, I made these patterns just by watching those courses.

Just the other day, I reflected on the feeling I received when I created my first pattern. Was it hideous? Yes. Did I get pleasure in knowing that I made it on my own? Absolutely. Still it left me with so many questions about surface pattern design.

So, I did my time and waited until Immersion for Surface Pattern Design course opened up in 2020. It was the only Christmas gift I asked for. This week, the first module dropped into my email.

Concerns before starting the course

Before I get started telling you about it, I figured I would start with some of my concerns before choosing to join this course.

Would this Immersion for Surface Pattern Design course be worth the money?

How many people actually made a living from surface pattern design after taking this course?

Could I simply Youtube everything and avoid the cost? 

Is it possible that I am simply not as good as others in making patterns?

Should I invest my time into such an in depth course?

Well, I don’t have the answers to these questions yet, but I figured I could take you on this journey with me. This week starts module 1, and I will journal on my thoughts and questions along the way. All I know is that I want my creativity to thrive and be versatile in how it looks.

Just so you know, I give you permission (and myself permission) to learn something new.

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