Forgetting God

                      When did it happen to you? Was it when your first child was born? Maybe it happened when you were making dinner in your new house? Did it happen when you heard the piano play and your groom waiting at the end of the aisle? You have to come to a point where you look around and realize that God provided.

                  Honestly, there are days when I wake up and find a million things to complain about. The dishes aren’t done. The laundry is the size of Mt. Everest. That drawer in the kitchen is still broken. I forgot to take meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Okay, maybe it isn’t just the abundant little “home” issues. Maybe it’s the boss that is breathing down your neck or the fact that your child is comparing what they have, to their friend’s at school. In fact, maybe your hard day is watching your spouse fall in love with someone else. No matter what it is, I hear you. It stinks to wake up on the hard days and it is so easy to forget God.

               Life is challenging. It is so hard to wake up and trust God. Trusting God would mean that you would need to relinquish the control and let Him take on your burdens. It might mean that you are admitting that you don’t have it altogether. I have spoken with people lately and have heard all the ailments of getting older, the sadness of losing a child, the frustration of living near family, and the helplessness of a job not working out as well as planned. It takes a patience to listen to the not so great moments. My husband will tell you that I can drain him with negativity sometimes. 

              I say all of this to say, I understand. I can relate to the frustrations and can get so easily caught in the web of seeing all that we don’t have. Then, all of sudden, God sends little reminders. He reminds me that the cup on the counter means that I had someone I love put it there. The meat that is still frozen means that we can have egg sandwiches for dinner. The drawer that is broken is in a beautiful kitchen that I am blessed to cook meals in. The laundry is stacked full of clothes that my family got to wear to church or to a job to provide for our family. 

          When we moved into this house, I told Jordan that I wanted to burn this quote for our house. After getting this beautiful board as a present, I knew I would need to get it done before Addilyn came along. I personally wanted a type of font burned onto the board, but my husband wanted my own handwriting. I look at this piece and criticize how the letters aren’t perfect, but then I remind myself that I am not perfect either. Just a few weeks before Addilyn was born, I burned this piece saying,

I remember the days when we prayed for everything we have now

             As I sit here typing, I have this beautiful baby girl in my lap taking a snooze. We are sitting in our home and I hear the chop saw from the garage, as my husband is taking on a new project. In all reality, I am drowning in housework and apologize for my house not being perfect. In the midst of everything, I know I am simply thankful because God heard our needs and has repeatedly given us such blessings. Of course, this might just be a season of blessings.

              I know there are many of us that are overwhelmed and wake up in anticipation of a bad day. All I have to say is that God has given you every†hing you need to rejoice in Him. Every dish, every tank of gas, every child, your spouse, your bed, your job, your church, and everything you can touch and feel, is because God provided it. I wonder how our attitudes would change if we looked at our lives and remembered everything we have now. So I ask, when will it happen or has it already? When will we stop with the busyness of life to acknowledge all that God is and has provided through our spoken and unspoken prayers. Whether you are surrounded by blessings or blessings seem hard to come by, there is always, always something to thank God for. 

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