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Meet the Host and Speaker

amanda stores

I am so honored to be hosting the only summit completely centered on growing an email list. I am beyond grateful for this group of ladies that have pulled back the curtain to their businesses' success and backbone, their email lists. 

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March 29-31, 2021



Are you ready to learn from the most fun-lovin' creative professionals?

grow an email list for your biz

grow an email list for your biz

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Aligning Your Email Marketing with Your Business Goals

freebie this way


Learn how to set goals for your email marketing that align with your overall business planning, and how to analyze and track the success of your strategy.

Anna Clark

Branding Your Email Experience

freebie this way


How to attract your ideal audience to your list through a powerful brand experience!

Lucinda Nixon

Grow your list faster with Mobile-Friendly Lead Magnets using Canva

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Alicia Powell

In this workshop, you'll learn how to use Canva and its features to create a lead magnet document that is visually engaging, captivates your audience and moves them further into your sales funnel. 

Grow your Email List, not your To Do List, with Pinterest

freebie this way


Learn how to grow your email list using the powerful, often under estimated search engine that Pinterest is! 

Meagan Williamson

Nurturing the Non-Buyers for a Launch

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We know that showing up for those who said YES to what we have to offer is critically important to our businesses. But what about the non-buyers? Slowing down to connect with those who said 'not yet' will define how successful your *next* launch is. In this session, I'll tell you why and show you practical ways to implement this philosophy in your own business. 

Bonnie Christine

Confidently Creating Video Content that Converts on Instagram

freebie this way


 I’ll be teaching you exactly how to build your confidence on-camera and in your business all while creating video content that converts on Instagram. Create content that actually converts and teaching you a few of the tips and tricks you can use to get people off of Instagram and onto your email list. 

Danielle Hawthrone

How to Create an Opt-In Quiz (that converts like crazy!)

freebie this way


In this session, you'll learn why quizzes are the perfect lead generator for a healthy and engaged list, how to strategically create your quiz to prime for the sale, and the secret to building a quiz that converts (like crazy!). 

Megan Martin

How I Created Daily Passive Income with a Simple Lead Magnet

freebie this way


I'll cover the lead magnets that consistently grow my list and lead to daily, passive sales. I'll also discuss what's better-- an on-demand webinar? Or a PDF download? I'll talk about my process in choosing and preparing for the lead magnet that has grown your list the most. Which one was worth it in the end?

Christina Scalera

From Subscriber to Customer

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You need to be strategic from the first email if you want to keep your new subscribers engaged and turn them into clients and customers. In this presentation, I'm going to give you two tactics to help you make an immediate connection and get them to the checkout page.

Sharice Enis

Using Public Relations to Grow Your Business

freebie this way


Why free PR will be your best ROI strategy in 2021

Christine Hansen

Using YouTube to Grow Your List

freebie this way


Over the past three months, I've gained over 1,200 new email list subscribers through one YouTube video. I'm teaching you how you can achieve similar results using YouTube to grow your list, even if you don't have an existing audience on the platform. 

Stephanie Kase

Why Strategically Batching Out Your Content Can Help You Better Serve Your Email List

freebie this way


In this talk, I am going to be pulling back the curtain and give you my step by step process on how I batch out my content planning calendar and how I keep it in alignment with the goals of my business. 

Dolly Delong

How To Attract Your Ideal Customer

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Too many people spend their time trying to find customers, which leaves them often feeling frustrated and sometimes even desperate. When you shift your perspective to attraction marketing, you start to be able to serve your ideal customers and have them coming back for more! 

Amanda Foust

The Ultimate Party Starters: How to Write the Perfect Launch Email Sequence 

freebie this way


I'm going to talk you through what to make sure you include in your launch sequence (from hype piece lead-up through close cart, and even after). You'll hear my proven needle-mover emails, ninja tricks from writing campaigns for dozens of launches, and walk away with the list of emails you need for your next launch ... plus, the how-to to write them FAST.

Ashlyn Carter

Grow Your List While Growing Your Income: Automation & Affiliate Marketing

freebie this way


In this session you will learn: how to setup a successful affiliate marketing strategy that increases your subscribers and generates passive income while you sleep. 

LaShonda Brown

How to Grow Your List With Podcasting

freebie this way


Copy my strategies for turning podcast listeners into email subscribers and leveraging partnerships with podcast guests to explode your list growth!

Ellen Yin

Using Imagery to Attract Your Ideal Client to your Email List

freebie this way


In this interview, I'll be talking about attracting the right people to your brand, website and email list through beautiful stock photography.

Shay Cochrane

How to Create Weekly Newsletters using Flodesk

freebie this way


The what and how of weekly newsletters. Value, value, value!

Olivia Miller

Growing an email list using Clubhouse

freebie this way


Dig into how to bring people into your community and email marketing funnel through being present on Clubhouse! 

Amanda Smith

How to use Flodesk to serve your audience

freebie this way


How to serve your list using Flodesk, from creating and automating delivery of a freebie to grow your list to using email templates and workflows for your welcome series (and what to include in your series) to nurture emails for people who still need to be warmed up (what to include) to direct response sales emails (how these work, design and copy best practices)

Sobrina Pies

Design Easy Mockups in Canva that Increases Your Signups and Sales 

freebie this way


How to design easy mockups (without photoshop) of opt ins, digital products and course materials to help buyers transition from an I'm not sure, to an oh yes. 

Vanessa Ryan

Using Instagram to Grow your List

freebie this way


Learn how to use Instagram to grow your email list! 

Akua Konadu

How to Design Your Website to 2x Your Email List Growth

freebie this way


How to incorporate email opt-in forms into your website design to increase your conversion rate and build a targeted list of potential clients. 

Galen Mooney

Optimizing Your Homepage to Seriously Grow Your List 

freebie this way


Inside this session, you'll learn from copywriter Kayla Hollatz on what it takes to optimize your homepage for more email sign-ups and conversions. Hosted by Amanda Stores, you'll hear about important topics like improving your website copy, knowing where to place your email sign-up forms, creating the ideal flow for your homepage, and more. 

Kayla Hollatz

Social Challenges that Serve 

freebie this way


How to use a strategic social challenge to build genuine community, serve your audience, and grow a list that converts.

Michele Perry

Getting Started with a Profitable Email Marketing Strategy

freebie this way


In this training, Ashley will be helping you get started with creating a profitable email marketing strategy. She will be walking you through how you can turn those subscribers into buyers on autopilot with specific email examples and a walkthrough of what to include in your welcome sequence! 

Ashley Deluca

How to Make Your Website More Accessible

freebie this way


You're doing the hard work of growing your email list and serving your community with valuable, actionable content. But ultimately, you'll want to send your subscribers back to your website and convert them into raving clients or customers. Let's make sure your website is accessible to all people, regardless of ability or need for assistive devices, give them a stellar experience, and increase your bottom line!

Emilie Steinmann

How to Attract Your Target Audience to Your E-mail List with Brand Imagery

freebie this way


While building an online brand, you must have high quality, cohesive imagery that tells a story. We’ll discuss how to create those images to attract your dream client or customer to your e-mail list to drive conversion and make sales.

Christina Jones

Choosing the Right Website Template to Grow Your List

freebie this way


Chat with me on how certain website templates are strategic in putting their opt in forms in spots that consistently grow their list.

Bernel Westbrook

Grow Your List with a Service-First Mindset

freebie this way


Service always leads to profitability. Find out how serving your audience and helping them get results first leads to list growth and more sales.

Trupti Karjinni

Leveraging Speaking to Grow Your Email List

freebie this way


Hey there, educator!! Are you looking to grow your email list while speaking at some of your fave in person + virtual events?! In this training, I'm going to share tried & true methods for strategically yet intentionally growing your email list through speaking!! 

Kat Schmoyer

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Speaker Topics & Freebies

Do you worry that you will have no one to launch to?


wondering how other business owners thrive beyond social media?


do you wish you could go behind the scenes of other creative professionals?


need to know how to get your email list off the ground?

3 days of speakers.
showing you not only how to grow an email list,
but how to
serve them well.

Hey creative professional!

build the business you have always wanted...
grow your list.

There will always be a ceiling to your business if you are solely relying on the noise of social media. We have to be willing to do whatever it takes to grow an email list of supporters so that we can get that one to one communication in their inboxes.


"the way to stand out is to build a lead magnet that best serves your target audience over an ideal client".


all access pass please





TOTAL: $97


steps to letting us help you build your list:

Sign up for your free seat at the conference. Secure your spot for all the inside scoop on what you'll be snagging in this virtual event.

Make sure you block off the event on your calendar so that you are completely engaged to grow your email list.

The "lobby" of the summit will be emailed for you to join once you register. Relationships will form and that is another key element to growing your mailing list. 

Finally! You'll be walking away with actionable steps for growing an email list. Leave inspired to creatively build a list of supporters that will be with you through every twist and turn of your business.

join the community

see your
list grow

mark your calendars


meet the host

After having an email list that mostly were friends and family for over 5 years (yep, I'm talking about you Mom!), I had almost given up on building my tribe. I had a personal goal of reading the Bible from cover to cover. So, I started reading and made a 391 page journal I intended on selling. 

The day I finished reading the Bible, God laid it on my heart to give it away. Little did I know, that by giving it away and trusting God to move, my email list of supporters grew to 5,000 in 6 months. 

Many business owners asked how I did this, and I truly feel like God showed me exactly where to put the journal. I quickly realized that the exact strategies I used to find my email tribe, would be the specific strategies I use to make the course. You deserve a tribe of people standing by you and your creative business. 

Hey there! I'm Amanda!

Best Value!

One time payment of

3 payments of

6 payments of $147

Choose this payment plan to completely pay for the course in 3 months. The first payment is on the day you enroll, with automatic payments the same day for the next 2 months.

Choose this "one and done" payment for the best value of the course. It's the best value of all three options and will get you started on the right foot for the course.

Choose this payment plan to completely pay for the course in 6 months. The first payment is on the day you enroll, with automatic payments the same day for the next 5 months.

when is this summit?

March 29th - 31st, 2021

you may still have questions...

is it free?

how will it work?

You'll get a link to access the summit to your email on the day of the summit. You'll have an email dropped to you inbox for that days lineup and speaker times.

will opting in for one speaker's freebie get me on all the email lists?

No. By signing up for the summit, you'll be on the host's email list. You will only be on a speaker's email list if you sign up for their individual freebies.

what will the all access pass get me?

1 year access to all the speaker presentations, a chance to enter a giveaway, and a webinar to walk you through the stages of a business based on your subscriber list.

how many hours of content are included in the all access pass?

There will be " " hours of content provided by the speakers at the conference.

Yes! We want to help you thrive in your creative business. If you know you won't have time to watch it live, feel free to purchase an All Access Pass for $97. There is optional add on of speaker bonuses for $57.

are there speaker bonuses?

Yes! Exclusive webinars, Q and A's, access to memberships, website template add on pages and more. It would be a separate purchase after the All Access Pass of $57.

are they included in the all access pass?

No, but they can be purchased after the purchase of the All Access pass.

how do i claim speaker bonuses after i buy them?

An email will be sent to you with a PDF download. It will include the links to all the speaker bonuses, and coupon codes to redeem their products. All bonuses expire April 30th.

what to expect

we believe you have something amazing to offer to the world.

pulling back the curtain to how the speakers gained their tribe

Going behind the scenes of how real life creative businesses have successfully grown their email lists from scratch

Speakers that have a heart for small business owners to succeed and thrive in an ever changing world

Seeing people creatively serve and grow an email list that doubles and triples their business profits

 Gaining a tribe of business owners that love serving others in their inboxes

Best Value!

One time payment of

3 payments of

6 payments of $147

Choose this payment plan to completely pay for the course in 3 months. The first payment is on the day you enroll, with automatic payments the same day for the next 2 months.

Choose this "one and done" payment for the best value of the course. It's the best value of all three options and will get you started on the right foot for the course.

Choose this payment plan to completely pay for the course in 6 months. The first payment is on the day you enroll, with automatic payments the same day for the next 5 months.

all access pass please





TOTAL: $97

You want to see other business owners grow an email list to help them succeed.

You are passionate about growing relationships

You know that what you have to say can truly make a mark on the lives of creative professionals