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amanda stores

This amazing group of business owners and speakers have been carefully selected to make sure we give you the tools to grow an email list FULL of people who LOVE what you offer!

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jacob cass

ashley deluca






girija patel


January 8th - 17th, 2024

Alli McAuley

stefanie gass

kate emiley

kari roberts

brigette lyons

alicia powell

magan ward

jess Poon

amanda smith

emily wale-koya

christi cooper

brynn casey

amanda foust

tasha booth

mackenzie madar

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tom ross

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How to Grow Your List FAST

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Switch Autopilot ON and grow your business faster! We'll show you how.

Jacob Cass

Using Conversational Email Marketing to Sell on Autopilot

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Join Ashley DeLuca as we dive into how you can use conversational email marketing to spark a connection and relationship with your email subscribers.  

Ashley Deluca

Using Pinterest to Grow your Email List

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Jen Vazquez

Jen will take you behind the scenes of why and how to grow your list consistently with Pinterest!

How to double your reach in the next 30 days using Instagram Reels

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In the video you'll learn:
3 Video mistakes you're making hindering you from growth 
How to show up on video when you don't know what to post or say
My 3 part framework to increase reach and convert your followers with Reels

Alicia Powell

How to Grow a Thriving Email List Using Podcasting

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How to Grow a Thriving Email List Using Podcasting

Stefanie Gass

Content Constellations™ : Simplified Content Strategy for Busy Creative Entrepreneurs

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Banish content creation confusion and ditch the marketing plan overwhelm with the two-part content planning system designed by creatives for creatives. No more models that sound like a software engineer dreamed them up. (Spoiler, they did.) Instead, learn how to plan out the right kind of messaging that sets up your content to connect and your story to shine.

Michele Perry

The Legal Way of Collecting Email Addresses

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In this session, you'll learn the ins and outs of getting subscribers on your email list.

Girija Patel

How to prepare Your List for a Digital product launch

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I'll cover the lead magnets that consistently grow my list and lead to daily, passive sales. I'll also discuss what's better-- an on-demand webinar? Or a PDF download? I'll talk about my process in choosing and preparing for the lead magnet that has grown your list the most. Which one was worth it in the end?

Christina Scalera

Launching a Closed Community by Leveraging Your Email List

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Learn how to leverage your email list to validate, launch and grow a successful online community in 2022.

Tom Ross

Using Youtube to Grow Your Email List

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Why Youtube could be the next way your grow your list for your business.

Lashonda Brown

How to build your email list as you build your business (so you don't launch to crickets)

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In this training, you'll learn how to carry out a pre launch strategy while you build your business so that when you DO launch you can start making sales from the get-go.

Alli McAuley

5 Ways to Strategically personalize Your Canned Emails in Dubsado

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In this talk, I am going to be pulling back the curtain to how I personalize my canned emails within Dubsado.

Dolly Delong

2022 Email Marketing Plan

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Make a plan for your email marketing goals for 2022. Learn to set intentions and focus on the most important parts of email marketing so that you can fast-track your results.

Amanda Foust

Creating a Signature Lead Magnet

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Are you struggling to grow your email list past a few hundred subscribers? The #1 strategy to grow your email list is to create a Signature Lead Magnet. Find out how to create one using my proven 7 step process to grow your community to 1,000 subscribers and beyond.

Kate Emiley

3 Simple Steps to Prioritize Your Day While Growing Your Email List

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The audience feels overwhelmed with all that they have to do to grow an email list. They feel like they don’t have enough energy or time for home and work, let alone an email list. This presentation will cover how busy entreprenuers can manage their tasks so that they can have the time and energy they need for all aspects of their business. 

Kari Roberts

How to use podcast guest appearances to build your email list

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If you’ve ever listened to a podcast for fun, you know how easy it is to get hooked into a guest and feel like you know them by the end of an episode. As a business owner, you can use podcast guest appearances to get introduced to new audiences and add new fans to your own email list.

Brigette Lyons

Not Your Mama's Lead Magnet

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This presentation will help you to find a lead magnet that is best suited for your audience and that will set you up for success in building connectivity with your subscribers.

Magan Ward

Pitch To Paid: Pitching and Landing Brand Partnerships

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Brand partnerships and paid content creation work is something ANY business owner can do, no matter the following size or email list size. 

Amanda Smith

Design A Website That Converts Silent Observers to Eager Inquiries

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To build a strategic and eye-catching website is a balance of science and art. To have "just" an informational website is no longer enough to compete in this digital era. In fact, you want a website that works hard for you - even when you are sleeping! 

Jess Poon

Use Webinars to Grow Your List

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Find out how Emily uses webinars to strategically grow her list

Emily Wale -Koya

Create a Stylin' Signup Page that Converts

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Inside this training, I’ll talk about the key elements of an effective opt-in landing page (so you can increase those opt-ins!) plus get my top styling techniques for design that converts.

Christi Cooper

Workflows & Automations

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How to automate the delivery of your email sequences.

Mackenzie Mader

How to Grow your List for a Launch using Email Marketing

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Do you ever feel like your email followers are always looking but not buying? Definitely something to address to build a healthy business! The problem may not be what you think, so let’s talk about it!

Tasha Booth

Facebook Community - How to content with your Tribe 

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Learn how to become the authority within your Facebook community where your audience want to engage. Understand how to nurture and serve that girl you're the one at the top of their mind when it comes to reaching out to an expert - it's you believe in your super power you are who you attract. 

Sara Smile

Make more engaging emails for your audience

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I will show you how to use your instagram content to create engaging emails that will get your audience to listen and engage with your brand. 

jonathon Umoru

Turn Your Emails into an Experience

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A recognizable brand comes from creating an unforgettable experience in every area of your business. From your sign up form to your emails, I will be sharing my top tips for how you can make your email workflow memorable and engaging through design!

Luci Nixon

Flodesk Forms and Embedding them into your Website

freebie this way


All things forms- how to create, present and share your best freebies 

Olivia Miller

Simple Facebook ads Strategy to Grow your Email List using Digital Products

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How to strategically package your services into a low lift digital product that grows your audience with customers .

Margarida Kanu

Product-Based Email Marketing 

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I utilize my email platform in many different ways to run my product-based creative business! Join me as I teach how to accelerate your list, make sales, and gain more subscribers by serving your buyers through effective email marketing. 

Brynn Casey

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meet the host

After having an email list that mostly were friends and family for over 5 years (yep, I'm talking about you Mom!), I had almost given up on building my tribe. I had a personal goal of reading the Bible from cover to cover. So, I started reading and made a 391 page journal I intended on selling. 

The day I finished reading the Bible, God laid it on my heart to give it away. Little did I know, that by giving it away and trusting God to move, my email list of supporters grew to 5,000 in 6 months. 

Many business owners asked how I did this, and I truly feel like God showed me exactly where to put the journal. I quickly realized that the exact strategies I used to find my email tribe, would be the specific strategies I use to make the course. You deserve a tribe of people standing by you and your creative business. 

Hey there! I'm Amanda!

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Each presentation, for 24 hours. Feel free to snag an All Access Pass which gives you year long (instant) access to the summit, plus audio versions, and a workbook.

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You'll get a link to access the summit to your email as soon as you sign up. You'll register with a name an username for the videos and then have access while the summit it live. 

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No. By signing up for the summit, you'll be on the host's email list. You will only be on a speaker's email list if you sign up for their individual freebies.

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Snag an All Access Pass for sure, friend! It includes the audio and video versions of the presentation, instant access, a workbook, and all for a year.

Yes! We want to help you thrive in your creative business. 


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we believe you have something amazing to offer to the world.

pulling back the curtain to how the speakers gained their tribe

Going behind the scenes of how real life creative businesses have successfully grown their email lists from scratch

Speakers that have a heart for small business owners to succeed and thrive in an ever changing world

Seeing people creatively serve and grow an email list that doubles and triples their business profits

 Gaining a tribe of business owners that love serving others in their inboxes

Best Value!

One time payment of

3 payments of

6 payments of $147

Choose this payment plan to completely pay for the course in 3 months. The first payment is on the day you enroll, with automatic payments the same day for the next 2 months.

Choose this "one and done" payment for the best value of the course. It's the best value of all three options and will get you started on the right foot for the course.

Choose this payment plan to completely pay for the course in 6 months. The first payment is on the day you enroll, with automatic payments the same day for the next 5 months.

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