let's get to the core

our favorite thing to do is to live life together

Everything comes back to God and family. The one thing I love is seeing companies and other creatives (artists, surface designers, graphic designers... etc.) make their families, their priorities. You can't relive another day, so take a minute to make the best of this one.

we made a lifelong covenant

8 years ago, I made one of the greatest decisions of my life... to marry my husband. God knew EXACTLY what I needed. Jordan is the one to fill in the gaps, to make me slow down and take in the moments. If I'm completely honest, he creates the moments. We dance to Elvis in the kitchen, take the bike rides, pitch the tent on the deck for dates, because this is for life.

we are in the stage of diapers, sippy cups and bed time routines

My preschooler just turned 4, my 2 year old is all boy, and my baby gives us the best baby coos.  Some people might not see this stage as anything too exciting, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We basically pack our house up for trips, and I haven't been able to wear a regular, non-diaper bag purse in 4 years. This is our slow season, and the happiest season of our lives thus far.  

my little