January 15, 2017

This was the big day of the Sydney Opera House! We woke up and realized that we had to take to the car back (make that, got to take the car back..ha!) to Avis. We had the grand idea of running some errands with it and than dropping it off, but it was easier said than done. Apparently, Sydney’s parallel parking on the streets and most parking garages were shut down for New Years Eve. We pulled in and out of several garages and decided to make our way back to the rental place. I have never been more relieved to give up a car in all my life. Jordan did an amazing job, but it definitely was something I was happy to give up. 

January 10, 2017

Today was the day of climbing. I was so thankful for my new tennis shoes for the hike, and the fact that it was a beautiful week of summer. There was this adorable breakfast spot (Angelo Pascucci) that we saw the day before and went in for our scrumptious pancakes with blueberries and ice-cream melting on top. They didn’t have the traditional cheese grits or french toast, but we were going to make due. Something we noticed was that there were people from all around the world, from all different ethnicities, but they all spoke English with an Aussie accent.