Jesus walking beside me. He is my purpose, and the very reason I am who I am.

          It gives me joy to stay home with my little one (with another on the way, yay!) and I do everything I can to put my family's needs before my own.I  guess you could say I embrace the traditional. I love to cook, keep a clean-er-ish house (but let's be honest...that isn't possible with a little one), and raise my spunky toddler. If I had the choice of going out or staying in, you'd probably find me looking like a hot mess in my own home. Does that sound like you?

         In the middle of all my roles, I realize the importance of doing something, just for me. That is where my art steps in. It's my only "me" apart from my family. It's a source of release, my calm, my creative outlet. So when I am knee deep in clothes, diapers and who knows what else, I know my artwork is there waiting. My patterns are my way of reminding me who I am in the middle of the crazy.

come by


and stay 

Jesus lover.     Wife.     Mama.    Friend.   Artist.


It takes more than homegoods and joanna gaines to make your home feel like your home.

There.... I said it....No matter many times I go stroll down the aisles at Target or HomeGoods, there isn't  anything on the shelf that really represents my crazy family, what they do or what they say.

I would probably describe myself as A...

As a mama, I know what's it's like to get caught up in the everyday routines and completely forget about making a home... feel like home. Like those moments that you just want to hold onto with all you have. My husband and I take mental "snapshots" of those moments. For example, my daughter wants to sing "Amazing Grace" before bed every night (with all the verses) or I say, "I love you....I really do" to my husband before he leaves for work everyday. Sometimes you need a gentle reminder in the chaos.

That's where I come in. 

I am here to make wood burned artwork that reminds you to take in the moments and cherish the memories you make.