Black Friday Emails Swipe Copy



You've been on the fence for far too long about how where to start with emails when it comes to Black Friday.

You know that there are a ton of people that would love what you offer and buy through your emails, but don't have the time to start from scratch.

These Black Friday Swipe Copy Emails are exactly what you need to begin making sales, just in time for the holidays.

With this Black Friday Swipe Copy, your subscribers will know who you are, who you serve and ultimately build the trust needed to enter into one of your paid offerings.

About the Template

In less than an hour, you can schedule out your Black Friday emails and get your audience warmed before they buy from you.

You receive a guide instantly, that walks you through how to set things up, and what to exchange. There will be a button that takes you to the Google Doc to edit them to your own words.

By the end of this welcome sequence, your subscribers will know exactly what you offer and the sales going on in your shop on Black Friday.

By the end of this email sequence, your  email subscribers will:

-Know why you created your products or services

- Feel relatable to you through the holiday centered messaging

-What you do to serve others

-Feel knowledgeable about your shop

-Know how they can receive your product or service

-Trust you and your business 

What this Template Includes:

- Email 1 Gives them a lookbook or guide to see what will be available as well as testimonials

- Email 2 Gives them a sneak peek and your process of working with others or on your products

- Email 3 Gives them reasons to trust you, based on your client's/customer's reviews

- Email 4 Gives them a relatable story told of why someone came specifically to you to buy your product

- Email 5 - Thankgiving and mentioning sale

- Email 6 - Black Friday links to your shop, bonuses, and what will happen after they checkout

Email 7 -Inserting and reaffirming the value they get from buying from you

Email 8 - Trumping their fears about buying

Email 9 - Reminding them that the sale is ending and confirming that there won't be another sale before Christmas

Email 10 - Cart closing and optional countdown timer

Who is this Template for?

Business owners who are wanting to sell products or services to their email list before Black Friday weekend.