Artist Email Welcome Sequence Template



You've been on the fence for far too long about how to create a welcome sequence once someone enters your email list as an artist. 

You are continuously building that email list weekly by driving new email subscribers from your artwork collections, but don't know how to bridge the gap between initially subscribing to converting them to one of your offers. 

The welcome sequence is one of the first impressions of who you are as a person and business and you cannot afford to wait any longer. 

With this artist welcome email sequence, your subscribers will know who you are, who you serve and ultimately build the trust needed to enter into one of your paid offerings. 

About the Template

In less than an hour, your welcome sequence can be complete and ready to pop into your favorite email service provider in a workflow.

You will receive an editable download on July 30th- just fill in the blanks, make it sound like your story, and put it in an email automation for all your new subscribers to receive. 

By the end of this welcome sequence, your email subscribers will have 6 emails that have built the trust needed to guide them towards your sales sequence.

By the end of this email sequence, your email subscribers will:

-Have their freebie delivered

-Know how you find inspirations for your artwork

-Know your story 

-Feel welcomed into the space where you create artwork

-Know where you are licensed or could buy your artwork

What this Template Includes:

- Email 1 introduces the subscriber to you and delivers the lead magnet

- Email 2 tells them your journey and where you artwork is inspired from

- Email 3 tells the story of why you created artwork and what they do in your life

- Email 4 shows them a before and after of your art journey

- Email 5 tells them where they can find your art

- Email 6 links them to your shop directly

PLUS : A guide to show you where this falls into your email marketing funnel, time delays, and next steps towards passive income.

Who is this Template for?

Watercolor artists, oil paint artists, acrylic paint artists