How to Center Decor Around an Art Piece

You have been checking out this art piece of months and finally have it in your hands! It was made by the artist that has a story that you truly connect with. The brush strokes (or pyrography strokes in my case) are right in front of you. After going through each room in your house, you have pin pointed the exact spot to place your trendy art piece. Now that it’s hung, you realize that you have just bought the focal point of your entire room. Where should you go from here?

An art piece can bind an entire room together. It can create feelings of peace, creativity, or even complexity. Wall art can be a representation of what you want people to feel when they walk into your home. Last year, I bought a wooden, pallet art piece with white birds all over it. Every time someone comes into my home, I get to tell them the story of birds always coming to the bird feeders outside. It told a story and that is simply what art does.

Where to Start:

 1. Pick out the 3 main colors within the art piece.

In my free look book, I broke down each piece by choosing 3 main colors that stand out from the piece. For example, in the “Peonies Please” piece, The three main colors are a brighter pink, a light beige, and a darker green. Though there are main shades of pink and green within the peonies, I wouldn’t want my entire room to be the darkest colors in the piece (such as the wood burned lines).


   2.  Use Pinterest to find rooms of the same colors or with those colors sprinkled in.


– Not only will you need to find rooms with those colors, but find items that would go into those rooms that match your color palette and design



3. Evaluate what you truly like about that room and what makes it all come together.

– Most likely, the links of those images on Pinterest will lead to products that can be bought from that room.

– You’ll probably notice that the accents of these rooms include pillows, paint color comforters, blankets, rugs, etc.

4. Create a budget and choose the essentials of what would bring the room together.

– Look for the sales at your favorite stores ( Home Goods, Target, Pottery Barn)

5. Build up to your dream room over time because you already have the focal point at hand… the art!

Creating your dream room does not have to have in one day. That is the best part! There is no time limit to when your room will be everything you want it to be. You don’t have to be a designer in a day, but you have a design in mind.


Needing some focal point art?

Head over the shop (and make sure you take a peek at my look book for a secret sale code).


Wood burned (Pyrography) Peony Bouquet Art- “Peonies Please”- on a 18″ x 24″ wooden canvas





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