Wood Burning Wire Tool by Walnut Hollow

If you are wondering who “Walnut Hollow” is, let’s just start with them being a family owned, American business since 1972. Not only do I love their story, but I love their products. I have had tons of people ask where they could begin wood burning, and it can start with this company. If you have ever shopped the wood aisles at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores, there is a huge chance you have seen their products.

Let’s start with the wood slices.

Do you ever wonder where I get my wood slices? They are made from this company. I love the bark that lines each piece. They have a smooth texture surface and the consistency in their slices. When we first moved into our house, we got a tree taken down because it was dead as a door nail and too close to the house. We ended up slicing up the tree into slices for me to wood burn. A year later, they are still sitting there, meanwhile I have bought slices from the store. Why? Walnut Hollow took out all the steps of sanding and drying while also having a bark that actually stays in tact!

When I first started wood burning and tested the waters, Walnut Hollow wood burners is where I turned. I love that they offer a cheaper burner for people to experiment with. It has the various tips I can burn with and it doesn’t make me break out my piggy bank. Well, I bought a wire tipped burner from another company and have loved it, but not the price. I have so many people ask me where I bought my tools, and honestly I am a little embarrassed to admit that I spent about $200 on a burner (I have had it for 4 years now, but still).

They have come up with their own, wire tipped wood burner!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I have you covered. It’s like going from riding a bike to a motorcycle, a number 2 pencil to an IPad Pro, or an apartment to a house. They took a product that was already a good product and made it better. On September 23rd, Walnut Hollow’s new wood burner will be available at JoAnn’s for….. $99.99!

So, maybe you have a money tree in your back yard (send some seeds my way) and don’t care about cost. To me, this product from Walnut Hollow will change the look of wood burning. It makes people have a physical product in front of them that they can pluck off the shelf. Then, carry, it right to the register. In my case, I had to look at online pictures and trust that a company’s descriptions would match what the wood burner would actually do while (waiting for it to arrive in the mail). Thank goodness, my burner met the standards, but it kind of hurt my wallet.

So, there you go! I’m hoping those wood burning “dabblers” might take the leap! If you want to learn more and see it in action, @woodburncorner was given the first chance to try it out!

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