Home Should be Full of Artwork

When we first moved into our home, our walls were pretty bare. In fact, the entire house was pretty bare because we moved from a tiny apartment into a 2 story home. It looked like a college dorm of sorts, but eventually, we started adding art pieces and photos to the walls.

I learned a few things from this experience including how to pick the right spot, size, and art for my home. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share them with you!


1. Add a family wall somewhere in your home. Pick a location you pass by every day and have fun with your own family gallery. Lay out everything on the floor first. Make sure everything is evenly spaced and well balanced. Then, start hanging everything on the wall.

2. Pick art that draws your eye to the focal point of the room. This could be above a bed, above a piano, the first wall you see as you walk into the foyer, or maybe a blank wall in the kitchen.

3. Choose art that matches your overall style. If you like rustic pieces, choose farmhouse style paintings. if modern is more of your preference, choose abstract pieces of art that are bright and colorful. If you are a beach bum, consider coastal art scenes.

4. Be picky. There are only so many places for art in your home, and it is important to wait for the right piece.

5. Choose something completely unique so that it is a conversation starter when people walk into your home. Not only will it break the ice, but show off a piece of art that is completely original.


1. Put layers upon layers of pictures in frames overlapping one another. It can look cluttered and disorganized.

2. Be a quote sign hoarder. Ha! You know how the quote sign aisles at Hobby Lobby can make you want to buy one for every room but don’t.  Pick one or two that are unique to your family and stick with only those one or two.

3. Put artwork together that don’t have a common theme or color pallet. Make everything cohesive and well thought out.

4. Hang every picture in the family from 1955. Choose pictures that matter, are relevant and updated if possible. Every picture needs to have a story. If you have a newer picture of your cousin’s family, print it out and put the older one in a picture album.

5. Put a tiny piece of art on a large wall (by itself) or put a large piece of art on a small wall. The tiny piece can look swallowed up by the massiveness of the wall and the larger piece can make your room look smaller.

I hope these guide you as you choose the perfect piece of art for your home. Speaking of unique, I have some wood burned and painted pieces you might want to take a peek at before you go. Thanks for stopping by!

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