Wood Burning and Adding Acrylic Paint

 Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores

I looked at others who wood burned and figured out two things. Watercolors seem washed out and colored pencil lacks a professional look.

If you are looking to take your wood burning to the next level, you might want to listen up. After 4 years of wood burning, and taking polls on my website, I have come to one conclusion.

People want color in their homes, but that love the uniqueness of wood burning.

Something you have to narrow down is who are you wanting to see your pieces? I came to the point where I realized I knew more people my age (mid-20s to mid 30s) and I put myself in their shoes. What would I want in my home? I certainly wouldn’t want something brown. Many people confirmed this suspicion with a poll that made me realize many people my age weren’t buying my art because “it didn’t match my home decor style.”

Stab in the heart! I had been wood burning all this time and came to the conclusion that I needed to find a way to highlight wood burning and paint. Acrylic paint seemed like my best bet. It is the most vibrant and would really add to the burning.

The next step was finding a safe and effective way to wood burn and paint. I had to preserve both techniques. That is when I did a little research and created this FREE guide to show you the exact layering process you need in order to add acrylic paint in a safe, effective way of layering. I hope you enjoy!

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