5 year anniversary….WOOD

When I first began this journey of wood burning, I continually had customers coming to me for an anniversary gift. Not just an anniversary gift, but the 5th anniversary. I had NO IDEA that wooden gifts were even a thing for the 5th anniversary.

 Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores

I started researching a bit and found that wood is the traditional gift for this particular anniversary. It symbolizes a durable and long-lasting, solidified relationship.

I read about how some people buy a wooden frame and put their wedding picture in it. Some people get a wooden clock, wooden music box, a wooden canister, a wooden jewelry holder and even a wooden phone station. Something I found interesting was the fact that people try to bring wood into the gift while also highlighting some aspect of the wedding day.

I don’t know about you, but none of these things appealed to me because they lacked the sentimentality of an anniversary…. to reflect on the day when they promised their lives to the other.

That is when I started trying to think of what I would want for a wooden gift. I would want something I could look at and it brings a smile to my face…. wooden art!

So, maybe this is more of chick gift, but guys have to think of what their wives would want. I can tell you that it is NOT a wooden clock. They want something that brought beauty to every picture on their wedding day.        They (and I) would want wooden art with something to do with the               wedding.

Let me tell you why one of my wood burnings would truly make any bride feel like they were reliving their wedding.

1. I wood burn and paint custom wedding bouquets

2. All I need is a clear picture to go off of

3. You are are giving her flowers that will last far beyond that five-year mark

4. You will be giving the most thoughtful gift that is both wooden AND a reminder of when you got married.

So, I say get on it! The 5th year anniversary gift is a biggie and you want to make your bride feel like she did on the day she said “I do” to you. If you are the bride, you might want to pin this and leave it conveniently on the counter  😉

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