Acrylic Paint for Coloring a Wood Burning

 Photo by: Christa O' Brien Photography Photo by: Christa O’ Brien Photography

Acrylic paint bridges the gap between wood burning and color.

After 4 years of wood burning and over 100 + projects completed for people, I realized a few things:

1. People don’t like something without color as much as with color.

2. Wood burning custom pieces is a challenge

3. Artwork isn’t consistent

4. People don’t want to come up with a piece for me to wood burn

I did a poll on my website and discovered that many people said that my artwork wasn’t their style. I knew exactly what they meant. Many people wouldn’t put a picture of their dog on the wall and Hobby Lobby word signs seem just as awesome as any other sign I could make. Really, I get it. Who can compete with it? Also, the thing about walking into a store is that you can see the product right in front of you, already made. There is security in knowing that what you see is what you get. 100 + of you have trusted me without ever seeing what it would look like.

Let’s talk about the color. I started contemplating what I would want in my own house for decor. Dogs? Nope. Cats? Nope. Word sign? Maybe. Then it hit me. I love flowers! I would put flowers in every room of my house because it reminds me of God decorating the earth. Look up “wood burned flowers” and you will find a variety of results on the internet. You’ll see straight up, brown flowers or flowers that people added watercolor to. The colors I see on the computer are typically primary colors and only one color on each flower. Then, I started researching wood primers and paint types. Acrylic is my weapon of choice.

When I looked at my artwork, I realized that I lost myself somewhere in the middle of it. Doing it became a task rather than something I enjoyed. Honestly, it’s because I never gave myself the option to create my work without someone else telling me what they needed. This isn’t to say that I have completely done away with commissions, but I will be honest that commissions are slowly being replaced with artwork series of my choosing.


The reality is that I need my work to be consistent because people look at me like a wood burning artist, but with no theme. I am basically a sail blowing in whatever direction people need at the moment. For example, in high school, I did a “breadth” of art my 11th grade year (variety of different types of art and themes) and then my 12th grade year I chose a style of art and a theme. Everything became consistent. That is why I am choosing to partner with florists in order to highlight their floral arrangements while also highlighting my artwork. When you look at my pieces, you are going to start to see the same wood burning with acrylic paint, but with one theme of flowers.

             I am working on a series of artwork called the “Abloom Collection” because you are about to see my artwork covered in flowers. This series of artwork will be revealed at the end of June, but you are welcome to see my pieces in action on Instagram or my Facebook group.

There are many things up my sleeves but I’ll give you a hint. I was an elementary teacher and I wood burn…. hmmm. Yep! You guessed it! Wood burning classes are being made just for you, but you won’t know anything about them unless you are a part of my newsletter.

Wow! So many changes!

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